Vehicle crime occurs all over the world and has strong links to organised crime and terrorism.

#1 Low rIsk

Vehicle theft is a good way for criminals to make money without taking too much risk.

#2 VIN

A unique vehicle identification number is engraved on each car.

  – The issue

Vehicle crime refers to the theft and trafficking of vehicles and the illegal trade in spare parts. These activities affect personal property, businesses, the economy and public safety around the world

Although it primarily affects car owners, organised vehicle theft also has financial consequences for insurance companies, damages the reputation of car manufacturers and is often linked to other organised criminal activities.

For organised crime groups, buying, transporting and trading stolen vehicles is a good way to make money without taking too much risk. Trafficking in stolen vehicles is usually used to finance and conduct other criminal activities, such as drug trafficking, arms trafficking, migrant smuggling and international terrorism.

The illicit spare parts market is another interesting source of income for criminal organisations, with many practical applications. This not only has financial implications for the industry, but also puts motorists at risk, as illicit spare parts may not meet current safety standards.

In recent years, the use of the Internet has led to a significant increase in the resale of illegal car components, making this a major issue for law enforcement, car manufacturers, regulators and public health agencies around the world.

Vehicle crime

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