Handover from outgoing President Mrs. KYLLY Fernandez

Participation in CARIN’s 2023 Annual General Meeting

ARINWA and UNODC pay courtesy visit to the Minister of Economy and Finance prior to the 9th General Assembly.

An informal network for information exchange

on asset recovery, confiscation and money laundering in West Africa

Technical assistance

and training to develop the capacity of investigators and prosecutors in search, seizure, freezing, management and confiscation.

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central element of the ARINWA network for the exchange of information under secure and confidential conditions.

Who are we?

ARINWA is an informal network for information exchange on asset recovery, confiscation and money laundering in West Africa. Each member state is represented by three focal points or national contact points from the administrations in charge of Justice, Security and Finance.

ARINWA, in an inter-ministerial approach, aims to enhance the effectiveness of its members in their efforts to deprive criminals of their illicit profits.

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staff on the continent


community members


membres de la communauté

Nos domaines d’intervention


ARINWA strives to identify the proceeds of crime wherever they are in the world. Criminals try to hide their assets by moving them across borders. By working together, law enforcement agencies identify these assets


"Where criminal assets are identified, ARINWA contact points will take steps to ensure that the assets are preserved and secured. ARINWA contact points may obtain a freezing order, take possession of the property or use any other power at their disposal.


The final step is the confiscation of criminal assets following a final court decision. The assets or the net proceeds from the disposal of the assets will then be transferred to the State or a designated body.


Like many parts of the world, West Africa is plagued by many forms of illicit trafficking, embezzlement and corruption. The results of efforts to mitigate these criminal phenomena are limited, particularly in terms of convictions and recovery of laundered assets.

This is due, among other things, to the growing sophistication of criminal networks and insufficient human and financial resources.

To address these challenges and to provide an effective investigative and regional cooperation response, the Inter-Agency Network on Asset Recovery for West Africa (ARIN-WA) was created.

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